About Me

My Life Mission

I've always been eager to create.

Whether it's building custom software, writing the next great spy movie (I've got the script if you're interested, Hollywood), or creating a beautful website, I was put on this earth to design and create things that help, inspire, and/or entertain others.

I'm offering that passion to you. You've got an idea, something you want to create, but you don't have the technical ability to make it. I'm the guy who's going to turn your idea into reality.

Delivering Business Value

Your business priorities are my priorities. I want to help you get the most out of your business and its digital presence.

My focus is on delivering solutions. I will deliver a product that you -- and more importantly, your customers -- will love.

My Services

Full-service design and development, for the web, mobile, and desktop.

Website Development

From blogs to brand websites to ecommerce stores and more, I build websites that enrich our digital lives. I also do responsive website re-designs (which boost SEO).

Custom Applications

From customer-facing web applications to automation to internal business tools and integrations, I alleviate business costs and boost profit centers.

Digital Marketing Consultation

For existing or new web projects, I can deliver information and strategy that helps you maximize SEO, social marketing, and paid media.

My Work

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Node/Express, Passport, and Mongodb authentication for apps.

Mini-Auth is a standard, minimal starting point for web-based apps that need authentication.

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A modern Wordpress site for a professional web presence.

Gloria was looking for a new brand website to highlight her public speaking and activism, as well as include her blog.

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This Portfolio Site

My home away from home.

I built this site from scratch using pure HTML5/SCSS and jQuery. Not every site needs a fancy CMS after all.

Additional Work

This section contains some of my other work in game design and development.

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Desert Oasis

An Unreal Engine 4 scene.

Deep in the dunes of Egypt, someone has driven up to perform maintenance on a communications antenna set-up near a beautiful oasis.

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Wake Up Call World Reveal Trailer

After a long slumber, you wake up in a new world.

I directed, edited, and published this trailer to promote a game I was working on at the time.

I'm currently accepting new projects. Please, tell me about yours.

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