I'm a Phoenix, AZ native/resident web development and digital marketing consultant. I love the rush of solving problems, and I love crafting and writing stories (screenplays and prose alike). When I'm not writing code or fiction, I'm enjoying a movie or playing games with friends.

Why you should work with me.

I take a lot of pride in my work, and I'm relentlessly focused on delivering high-quality results each and every time. My #1 priority is happy clients, because when you're happy, I'm happy.

If you work with me, you can rest assured that I don't ghost. You won't have to worry about when you'll hear from me next or whether I'll respond to questions in a timely manner. We'll set some expectations up-front, and I'll follow through on them. I also commit to responding to business email within one business day, usually within a few hours.

My Writing

I'm currently in the launch process for a new website to host my serial fiction and short stories. This site will open with a marquee story called Source Code: A Spellbinding Mystery.

Source Code was initially published as a response to a writing prompt on Reddit that got a number of views, however, I'm now re-orienting and expanding that 4-part short story into a full novel-length web serial.

You can read the 4-part short story here.

Non-web projects

This section contains some of my past work in game design and development.

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Desert Oasis

An Unreal Engine 4 scene.

Deep in the dunes of Egypt, someone has driven up to perform maintenance on a communications antenna set-up near a beautiful oasis.

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Wake Up Call World Reveal Trailer

After a long slumber, you wake up in a new world.

I directed, edited, and published this trailer to promote a game I was working on at the time.

I'm currently accepting new projects. Please, tell me about yours.

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